Sea Freight

Sea Freight

We provide cost effective sea freight import solutions including advice, full customs facilities, bonded warehousing & distribution.


ASL offers groupage services through specialized divisions which provide clients an optimum level of service combined with accurate speedy documentation and a commitment to ensure that the best possible rates are available to all clients, whether for large-scale commercial freight or individuals with a single requirement.

As of one of the leading international freight forwarders, and with a global distribution network, ASL offers regular dedicated consolidation, providing groupage services with the highest levels of speed, efficiency and reliability.

Project Logistics

ASL can arrange sea freight import shipment by conventional vessels for any cargoes that are too large to fit into containers.


ASL can arrange for roll-on/roll-off transport from most major ports around the world for goods destined for India and can export to any major ports in the world.

Sea-Air Traffic

Is airfreight too expensive for your imports from the Far East and sea freight too slow? We have the answer.

If you are finding your airfreight rates too high for long-haul shipments, but need faster transport than sea freight alone, consider a careful blend of the two. Sea-Air traffic combines the economy of the sea with the speed of the air to give you a cost-effective solution. This fusion of transport modes enables you to send goods from Asia to Europe, North and South America, or Africa within 2-3 weeks. So if your goods are cost-sensitive and not absolutely urgent, consider the combined benefits of Sea-Air traffic from ASL. It could be the perfect answer.


We organize all sea freight traffic on a multi-carrier principle by using several carriers to optimize cost and time of transportation process. If you need to transport break bulks, heavy or oversized goods and size of your shipment barely fit to the container, we will ensure our full container load (FCL) services with the highest quality. We offer:

• Door-to-door shipments —to all continents
• Professional cargo handling
• Dedicated FCL operational staff
• Optimization of your transportation cost and competitive rates
• Use of all types of shipping containers in line with customer´s needs


ASL will charter vessels for routes not usually covered by liner-service companies, and also for items that would normally not be transported as containerized or conventional cargo on a liner vessel. Such items include:

• Bulk Cargo
• Project Freight
• Individual Heavy Lifts
• Full & Part Vessel Cargo
• Voyage and Time Critical Contracts

ASL acts as free and independent vessel chartering broker. That means we will either find a suitable vessel for your cargo, or we will work in the competitive market, matching supply with demand (i.e. ships with cargo) to match the needs and requirements of our customers with those of the ship owner.

• Power Plant Equipment New Building Project Freight
• Wind Power Components
• Cranes and Specialty Equipment Project Freight
• Oil & Gas Equipment