Warehousing and distribution is an integral part of shipping and logistics solution for those companies that are looking  a cost effective method of distributing their range of products.     By recognizing  this inevitable importance, we possess a spacious warehouses in Major cities in India, Kuwait, Hong Kong, UAE and USA with all security provisions for storage.  The warehouses are equipped with modern work systems, loading and unloading equipment and hi- tech security mechanisms all of which work to facilitate the unhindered and uninterrupted to and fro movement of goods. Our warehouses are situated at strategic locations, are clean, temperature controlled and have flexible work hours. Furthermore, Azimar Shipping and Logistics LLP is offers normal and temperature-controlled storage facilities for Long Term Storage (LTS), Short Term Storage (STS) and also Storage In Transit (SIT). Our warehouse team is highly experienced and knows how to store and pack items according to the  nature of the cargoes to ensure maximum security and protection to your goods.

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